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PROCESS: Our Process

Phase 1


Everyone starts here! It can seem daunting to think of where your home/spaces are currently and how you would like them to function & look. Whether you are looking for a complete Design help, building a new home or you simply have no clue where to start, this call helps us navigate your next steps to get your project started. 

Timeframe: 20 minutes

Investment: Complimentary 

During this call you get the opportunity to share your design goals and we will explain in more detail what it's like to work with Color & Crown and how we can create the spaces of your dreams!

PROCESS: Our Process


Whether you are ready to kick-start a renovation or need design & furnishings plans, this is perfect for you!

The consultation is at your home which allows us an opportunity to offer one-on-one guidance where we get to know each other, discuss your design vision and style.  We'll talk through any questions and design challenges you have, and dream up possibilities. The consultation is packed with professional design advice, design direction and more. 

Timeframe: up to 2 hours

Investment: $500.00

During our time together we can explore and discuss the following:

  • Your design style

  • Discuss your vision

  • Design challenges

  • Room Functionality

  • Space planning or furniture rearrangement

  • Advice of overall space

  • Furniture ideas

  • Artwork placement

  • Window treatments

  • Lighting options

  • Project Time frames

PROCESS: Our Process


After the Design Consultation, a customized design proposal will be sent to you within 72 hours broken down by room/space needed for your scope of work.

After the Design Proposal is approved, the contract is signed and a Project Kick Off meeting scheduled. 

The Project Kick Off meeting is another chance for us to sync up on the design direction and get your project officially underway!

PROCESS: Our Process

Step 4


To the best of our ability, all trades needed to complete your project will be brought in during one day. This means less interruption in your schedule and a smooth planning process. You don't even have to be home!

During this time at your home, we will take on-site measurements, before photos and finalize planning. 

PROCESS: Our Process

Step 5


During this phase, we take all of your initial feedback and request, the information from all trades and create floor plans and elevations to build your customized design upon.

After that we layer in the specifications and sourcing for all other materials, fabrics, and furnishings.

PROCESS: Our Process

Step 6


By this step you have been patiently waiting and the excitement is building! You can't wait to see how your space will be transformed. 

During this meeting, you will be be able to view all of the following:

  • Floor Plans with furniture arranged in your spaces

  • Mood Boards with Inspirational pictures that align with your style

  • Design Boards with fabric samples, paint colors, flooring samples, tile samples, lighting, hardware, etc... 

  • Investment Guide on specified work & items to complete your design 

Upon completion of the design presentation, any revisions necessary are made. This finalizes the design plan, payment for goods is collected and procurement begins. 

PROCESS: Our Process

Step 7

Ordering & Project Management

Everything approved during the Design Presentation stage is now ordered. This is often the hardest step for clients, we know it's hard to wait when your excited! Lead times can vary and keeping you informed about your project is key to success so you will receive weekly emails on order updates.

PROCESS: Our Process

Step 8

Work Completed & Site Visits

The work agreed upon in the Design Presentation is now scheduled, coordinated and executed.

You will get a copy of the Installation Calendar so you will know exactly who will be working in your home, when and the goal to be achieved. 

Behind the scenes during this step, all furnishings and materials are being received, checked for deficiencies and being held for installation. 

PROCESS: Our Process

Step 9

Installation & Styling

Trades have been completed, invoices have been paid, all items have been received and install day has arrived!

Your going to be out of your house or room, we will clean the room, install furnishings, hang art and window treatments and place rugs, lamps, and put the finishing styling on your space. You arrive for reveal time!

PROCESS: Our Process

Step 10


It's been months or years in the planning and you FINALLY get to see your space/home transformed to fit your families needs perfectly!

PROCESS: Our Process
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